Weirdoes and Warriors
"Where we discuss the events of the day and you hear them a few days later... Old friends coming together to get drunk and talking about things that are completely irrelevant, using logic and fact and torturing and twisting it to make ourselves feel better." Nathan


WW Episode 27 - Re-Viewmaster

This week we listen to our first published show and have a discussion about the podcast in general. We use this to springboard into many different tangents unrelated to podcasting.

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WW Episode 26 - End of Season 1

End of Season 1

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WW Episode 1 - The Secrets Out

Here's a run through test for my brothers podcast. We've never done it over skype before so it's new for us. Otherwise pop-culture, politics, general vulgarity are discussed. American Greed Factory Presents: Weirdos and Warriors.


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Formal Greeting

Along with our irregular American Greed Factory Podcast we have added Weirdos and Warriors to our repertoire of conversational podcasts. AGF will usually be up whenever, while WW is planned to be up on Wednesdays. Enjoy (enjoyment may vary)

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